Sex 3.0, 2019
00:02:00 loop film for Interactive Identities

Interactive Identities was the winner of an open call for an exhibition at GlogauAIR, during their Open Studios event. Taking inspiration from the ethos behind Digi-Gxl, Interactive Identities showcased work which examined various issues affecting womxn, trans, intersex and non-binary people. Through this project we aimed to bring visibility to the topics, while simultaneously celebrating the work and creativity of the artists. The three room themes were:

Beyond Binaries
Within our society, Male and Female are widely assumed to be the only two variations in biological sex and gender identity. These misconceptions disregard those who exist outside of the traditional concepts of biological binaries, and ignores the subjective and ever-changing nature of identity.

Identity Control
When governmental laws collide with basic human rights, who is then considered human? By looking into societal norms, technological democracy and laws relating to the rights of womxn, trans, intersex and non-binary people, we explore the question: “Who controls our identities?”.

Marginalisation in Tech
Artificial Intelligence can only function through human coded instructions and human fed information. If marginalisation and lack of representation are not addressed within the industries which create these systems, the resulting technologies will not only reflect, but reinforce the biases present within our societies. Only with diverse teams actively contributing to the creation of ethical A.I. can we ensure socio-politically inclusive futures.

I co-curated and contributed to the Beyond Binaries room with my intersex portrait series Inter___face and film Sex 3.0 (above).

Sex 3.0 explores the point in which the spectrum of biological sex becomes too ambiguous to be socially acceptable.